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There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in

- Leonard Cohen

About you

  • Are you feeling depressed, anxious, or insecure in your current situation?

  • Do you struggle with feeling sad or blue?  With letting go of trauma from the past?

  • Do you notice what is wrong more than right?  

  • Do your thoughts tend to loop and get stuck in your mind?

  • Are you lonely, indecisive, questioning of your purpose and goals?

  • Are you in a life transition, struggling with feelings that come up related to trauma, grief, relationship, social life?

  • Are you longing for a safe and private place to unburden yourself of thoughts and feelings you've been carrying inside?  

  • Does life sometimes feel like too much to handle on your own?

If you feel separate, even around friends and loved ones... if you're eager to reconnect with the joy you felt as a child, but can't... if you're laboring under the weight of persistent, self-defeating thoughts about who you are and what your life is meant to be...

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