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My Approach

We all tell ourselves stories to explain the hows and whys of our lives, yet these stories aren't always helpful -- or even accurate. Instead, our stories sometimes injure us, distract us, or hold us back. 


My role as a therapist is to provide a safe place for the sharing of these stories. I can help you connect with the vulnerability required to see yourself and your life more clearly, helping to reframe your self-talk into a more accurate, healthier story reflecting your inherent power and the infinite promise of hope, which brings a deep feeling of healing.

If you wish to improve interpersonal skills and enhance intimacy, I can help you develop tools to deal with conflict; engage in open-hearted communication; find confidence in your ability to establish and maintain healthy boundaries; and generally feel more satisfied in your relationships.


My approach was developed through decades of private practice, and in my work in community mental health settings including county clinics and hospitals, jails, day treatment centers, and group homes, where I worked with a wide variety of clients aged adolescent to elder.

It's from this perspective that I welcome you to my private practice, where I provide individual, couples, adolescent, and family therapy. 

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